Enforcing civic rules and instilling civic sense


One gets feedback from Govt Officials that people in India can not be governed.
There is no character building in India. There is no civic sense or discipline in India. They can not enforce laws on people of India. They say people will complain to persons in Authority that they are being harassed.
Do you agree with this attitude or approach of the people who are responsible to govern and enforce law?
We would like to survey and provide report\your views to those in charge of governance.

But the vital objective is to also suggest how they should enforce the rule of law and enforce civic sense and discipline.
The areas where we want to take up this are:

  • Pedestrian facilities and user and no jaywalking.
  • Disciplined driving.
  • No loud disturbing music\playing in neighboring areas

We are taking up the issue with the government authorities and the law enforcement agencies directly and also shall request media to help create awareness and pressure on the authorities. We look forward to your suggestion and support to take up better governance.

You can send your suggestions to info@theroadtochange.org.in


About theroadtochangeindia

Our mission is to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries and the consequent personal and financial losses by developing a public and private partnership to promote the best driving practices, enforcement of traffic regulations and ideal management of traffic infrastructure. Our plan is - - To interact with government authorities and private organizations to obtain their support and involvement. - To create an awareness of traffic issues and the need for enforcement of driving regulations. - To supplement/assist all regulatory authorities in activities of traffic discipline, control, technology, enforcement and response to various public issues. - To establish a public opinion, that indisciplined driving, road encroachments, lack of traffic rules' enforcement and issuing of driving licenses without good learning, is unacceptable & criminal and promote public policies and programs to stop such practices. - To promote and encourage disciplined driving and pedestrian movements and work towards facilitating such efforts.

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