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BMC’s plan to tackle congestion in the island city


In a bid to decrease congestion, the BMC has proposed hiking parking charges across the city, in the western suburbs and eastern suburbs, to Rs 60 per hour, Rs 40 per hour and Rs 20 per hour respectively. The move is aimed at acting as a deterrent against owners using private vehicles. The body has further banned paid parking within 100 meters of any educational institution. Special permits have been introduced for residents’ parking on roads. This is being done to deter people from parking for long hours. Additionally the BMC should come up with plans to tackle unauthorized and free parking which has caused a lot of menace in the already congested city.

 After the policy is sanctioned by the committee members, it will be put up online to seek public opinion on the same.We too look forward to your suggestion on the same to tackle congestion and support us to take up better governance. You can send your suggestions to

US cops amazed at how well Indian police handles policing.


An article in the Economic times dated 6th December 2013, mentioned how US police chiefs from Los Angeles, Austin and Aurora were amazed at the way their Indian counterparts handle the policing challenge due to the sheer volume of the population.  Art Acevedo, the Chief of Austin Police Department, said he was taken aback by the policing complexities in India and said police here had done really well. “Watching a cop here controlling the traffic is like watching a ballet,” a US cop said. Given the volume of the population to be handled and the magnitude of law enforcement required, Indian cops have done a commendable job. All that is needed, is some cooperation and initiative from the citizens to support the police on various civic issues to bring about a positive change in the society.

What you can’t see can hurt you. Distracted driving can be fatal.

What you can't see can hurt you. Distracted driving can be fatal.