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The lack of traffic discipline, best driving practices and infrastructure management leads to traffic fatalities resulting in economic losses which require greatest collective efforts from the government authorities and private initiatives involving ngo, educational institutions,  corporate and public at large.

There is an immediate requirement to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries and the consequent personal and financial loss, by developing a public and private partnership to promote the best driving practices, enforcement of traffic regulations and ideal management of traffic infrastructure.

What one observes is there is an increase in breaking signals, wrong parking’s (Double-triple parking), and this should be part of traffic police initiative to enforce rules and regulations. In fact by such initiative the Traffic Commissioner will be able to improve the movement of traffic and reduce the travelling time by more than 20%, this will also help in better use of infrastructure.

In cities like Mumbai, we have good infrastructure of roads and bridges, but it seems that because of misuse and poor conditions, one third of infrastructure is not used. We believe that if such misuse is prevented than overnight there shall be increase of 50% of infrastructure and thus improve traffic conditions and may come as a great relief to Traffic Department and its officers in management of traffic.

The joint commissioner of police(Traffic) Mr. Milind Bharambe has been doing excellent work and with reasonable support from public, he shall change the face of traffic movement and road safety in Mumbai.

Let all of us come together to create public support system voluntarily for a better experience of driving and usage of roads in our country.

The Suggestions are Welcome !