Monthly Archives: November 2016

Innovative Ideas on Better Traffic Management

  • The theme is to increase the speed.

a.Artificial blockages-cars that do not stop before the zebra crossing and block the way for the others cars. If these blockages can be removed then the speed of the vehicles will automatically increase. At the signals many vehicles cannot move faster and let the traffic flow because they get blocked by the traffic on the other side of the road.

b. Vehicles should not be allowed to stop in between the roads,at every turning of the road,before or after the signal.

c.  Double parking of vehicles after the signals should not be allowed even if they are stopped by a traffic officer,they should stop at the side of the road where they do not block moving flow of traffic.

d. All vehicles should follow lane discipline.

e. Proper signalling should be used for lane changing.

f.Vehicles that want to change lanes should not block the traffic moving in that lane.