Monthly Archives: December 2016

Decision of Supreme Court

We appreciate the decision from Honourable Supreme Court of India on Banning of liquor shops. This may stop drunk driving.

However we understand that anywhere in the world, but much less in India. There are limitation of restriction & prohibition one can always obtain liquor from other normal sources and still Drink & Drive. The purpose may not be achieved and the accidents death and injuries to innocent people shall continue.

We humbly suggests to Honourable Supreme Court and people in authority\ government to act as order.

  1. Anyone caught of drunk and drive must be loose his license for a period and permanently, if offence is repeated.
  2. Ensure to share on media prominently the Drunk drivers to warn all others and convey beware.

The Road To Change firmly believe that, it is extremely easy to take forward what is proposed above. This shall certainly achieve the object of the Honourable Supreme Court.

The Road To change initiates the campaign of petitioning the Honourable Supreme Court to consider the above proposition and pass appropriate orders.