About Us

We are The Road To Change, non-profit organisation. Our mission is to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries and the consequent personal and financial losses by developing a public and private partnership to promote the best driving practices, enforcement of traffic regulations and ideal management of traffic infrastructure.

Our plan is –

– To interact with government authorities and private organizations to obtain their support and involvement.

– To create an awareness of traffic issues and the need for enforcement of driving regulations.

– To supplement/assist all regulatory authorities in activities of traffic discipline, control, technology, enforcement and response to various public issues.

– To establish a public opinion, that indisciplined driving, road encroachments, lack of traffic rules’ enforcement and issuing of driving licenses without good learning, is unacceptable & criminal and promote public policies and programs to stop such practices.

– To promote and encourage disciplined driving and pedestrian movements and work towards facilitating such efforts.

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