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A seat belt is the difference between life and death. Buckle up.


Solving city’s traffic woes through strict law and civic sense enforcement


With around 400 deaths caused by road accidents and 8000 injuries reported daily, India tops the list of most road crash fatalities globally. Add to it the loss in productivity, fuel and environmental effects and the gravity of the current situation is unavoidable. The city of Mumbai alone witnesses numerous traffic snarls and mishaps every day affecting millions of commuters and pedestrians. The major cause for the same being an acute lack of civic sense in the citizens, the motorists and pedestrians alike. Although a lot of people have voiced their opinion on reducing the number of vehicles and constricting more flyovers/underpasses, it needs to be understood that good civic sense and ideal road and infrastructure usage can reduce our traffic woes to a great extent. Simple measures such as stricter law enforcement, adherence to disciplined driving and road usage following traffic rules and protocols can go a long way in positively changing the current scenario.

The government officials too opine that people in India cannot be governed and it is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce rules and regulations as people tend to leverage their clout with higher authorities and it gets increasingly difficult for law enforcement officials to function. But is this the sole reason? Of course voluntary adherence to laws and regulations is the basic duty of the citizens but more often than not adherence is a direct result of strict law enforcement.

This has been emphasized through the constructive actions taken by IPS officer Rishi raj Singh, Transport commissioner and ADGP Kerala. Road crash fatalities in Kerala have come down thanks to measures such as strict enforcement of speed regulations and compulsory helmets for motorcyclists. His efforts have sufficiently validated the fact that enforcing the rule of law and civic sense and discipline coupled with awareness can bring about the necessary change. It is important that similar necessary and constructive steps are taken to reduce the city’s traffic congestion and promote responsible and safe driving.

We are taking up the issue with the government authorities and the law enforcement agencies directly and also shall request media to help create awareness and pressure on the authorities. We look forward to your suggestion and support to take up better governance.

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