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Indian Road Accidents

Despite just 1.5% of the world’s vehicle population, India manages to top world road accident charts with a disturbing 10% of all road-accidents! And this is a result of the lawlessness that prevails on our roads. Both from the authorities, and the people; road-ethics are ditched in favor of ‘short-cuts’, impatient behavior, and convenience. Its an extremely grim scenario, and one that needs urgent & crucial attention.

The fact of the matter is, nowhere is it safe on Indian roads. Be it the rural areas, our big cities, not even national highways. Everyone, on all types of roads, is constantly vulnerable to road accidents, that are in many cases, lethal! Such is the adverse impact of road-accidents, that the WHO estimates this menace to become the 3rd largest cause of injury, and the 6th largest cause of death, by 2020.

No user type is spared. Each road user type is subject to fatalities and the figures tell a rather bleak story. Topping the list are two-wheelers with 22%. Next up we have Cars/Taxis and Trucks with 13% & 11% respectively. And the scariest part, owing to a general lack of civic sense on our roads, even pedestrians are faced with road-accident fatalities amounting to 13%!

But while figures tell one side of the story, it is actual recorded incidents that portray the complete horror of loss of lives on our roads. With this are three such videos that encapsulate the extent of road-accident tragedies to some degree. In the first video, a sleepy part of Kerela witnesses an accident in broad day-light. The reason, an unmanned junction that the police seems to have ignored, and the civilian population is too callus to be careful about.

In the second video, we hear about the devastating end of a would-be pedestrian lady, that too in the nation’s capital no less, who has been marooned to death by large commercial vehicles reportedly continually driving over her! And the 3rd video tells the case of a happy holiday group, who crash to their deaths out on the open highway!

Is really no place safe? No one secure? Some serious thought is solicited by the dismal state of our roads & the impending calamities across them. Its high time, for a road to change!