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Tackling errant auto and taxi drivers refusing to ply.









The public transport service is for the benefit of the people, this aspect is totally lost sight of by regulatory authorities and the service provider unions. Though periodic crackdowns  by the traffic police and the RTO against errant taxi and rickshaw drivers who refuse to ply are commendable and a step in the right direction, a more holistic approach is required to solve this issue effectively. We do endorse the present action however, it is important to have a balanced view in the interest of public and the people who are affected and connected to the service

Our suggestion is as under

  1. The taxis and rickshaws should never refuse
  2. Authorities need to be very strict against offenders
  3. Providing each vehicle (taxis and auto rickshaws) an identification card mentioning the working time and lunch/break times explicitly. This card should always be present in the vehicle.
  4. It is equally important that specific regulations are framed for compliance taking care of all the stakeholders.

We are taking up the issue with the government authorities and the service provider unions directly and also shall request media to help create awareness and pressure on the authorities.
We look forward to your suggestion and support to take up better governance for stopping such incidents.

You can send your suggestions to or provide them in this google form